The role of immigration lawyers in society

The role of immigration lawyers in society

immigration procedures can be very confusing and often change with time. Immigration lawyers are certified legal representatives that have expertise in understanding the immigration law and constitutions and stay up to date with the latest procedures and all the new regulations. When an immigration application, visa or status is revoked or rejected, Canadian immigration lawyer is the first person that everyone should consult to for expert guidance and the solution. Immigration lawyers play an important role in the society especially helping immigrants smoothly settle in the country.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, consulting with an immigration lawyer will give you the satisfaction that all immigration procedures are in check and no legal issues will come up. An immigration lawyer can help in many ways:

Dealing with revoke status and expired permits: one of the most common issues in Canada is people are not aware of their permits expiring or do not fully understand the immigration procedures and tend to stay than the longer expect duration in the country. Some foreign immigrants also come on work permits but are unable to get their permanent residency status in due time.They then face with a 90 day restoration period of either leaving the country or making a decision. An immigration lawyer knows exactly how to deal with such matters and has the expertise to help every individual in resolving their immigration issues.

Canadian Immigration lawyer

Filing applications the right way: Some immigration application require additional documents and expert guidance from immigration experts. Filling an application the wrong way will cost you crucial time and money. At times when the time is short, and the application is rejected due to information, you could be forced to leave the country. If you are filing an application that involves lots of documentation and understanding, consult with an immigration lawyer.

Appeals and Refugee applications: Appeals, H&C and refugee seeking applications are required to be processed by an immigration lawyer in Canada. All these applications requires the immigration lawyers defense as to why should the applicant be allowed to enter Canada or why should the application be approved. Without the lawyer, there is a high chance your application will be rejected right away.

Immigration lawyers play a big role in helping immigrants settle in. Especially in Canada, where thousands of people come and migrate here, immigration issues come up constantly. immigrants need to get their work permits and SIN numbers in check. Students should have valid study permits to study in university or college. After completing college, many times student face problems in applying for permanent residency and hence require expert help. Canadian immigration lawyers can help all those dealing with such issues and help people smoothly settle in Canada. Contact an immigration lawyer and book your appointment for consultation. All immigration offices can be reached via calling or emailing. Here is an interesting articles on the different circumstances when you need the legal assistance of a Toronto immigration lawyer.

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Studying in Canada with the help of immigration lawyer in Toronto

Canada has some of the most famous colleges and universities where students can come in here and excel with their careers. Graduating in any of these esteemed university or college in Canada is an opportunity that not all students manage to get. One of the key things of studying in Canada is that you can earn your permanent residency or citizenship by studying and working here. All this can be done with the help of Toronto immigration lawyer. Having expert lawyers on your side can help you understand the procedure and requirements in a better way. immigration lawyer toronto

There are many factors that do go into getting your permanent residency in Canada. You will have to follow the exact timeline if you are coming here as a student such as studying in an esteemed college with a degree program and then working in the same field to get the experience. Here is a short list of requirements that each student or foreign skilled expert must adhere to in order to get their permanent residency in Canada.

For Foreign Students:

  • You will need to pass the Scholastic Assessment Examination (SAT) in many colleges or universities in Canada, and get an invitation from an esteemed institution.
  • You must verify that you have the very least $11,000 CD per fiscal year.
  • You must return to your nation at the end of your education in order to avoid over staying than the duration enabled of the visa given to you. You have to apply for your work permit before your visa expires.
  • You need to have at least 1 year work experience in any kind of supervisory, skilled or technical tasks after you finish from college in order to be eligible to apply for your permanent residency.
  • You have to have a solid grasp of either the English or French language in both composed as well as oral communication.


For professional skilled traders

  • You should have pertinent skills as well as work experience for a minimum of 2 years in much full time (a minimum of 37.5 hrs each week) managerial, professional or technical work in Canada.
  • You have to have an invitation to work in Canada from a Canadian company.
  • You need to have a strong grasp of either the English or French languages in both written and also oral communication.

As you can see the requirements may not seem that daunting but what most people don’t realize that if you file your application the wrong way and get rejected, then the chances for re-applying a successful application drastically reduces. In circumstances like these, you need professional immigration consultation.

It is extensive that you’ve prepared yourself for everything, yet reality be told, it is much better to have a skilled professional on your side who knows the correct method in successfully filing your application. You should call an expert immigration lawyer now for any time of application. Do not risk it in being confident and filing the application when professional consultation is just one call away. For more resources on choosing the best immigration lawyer to represent you, visit this site.


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